​Lisa DePoy

​​Partner, Account Management

​With over 20 years experience, Lisa has had a diverse marketing journey. Her mix of agency and client-side experience provides her a unique perspective in understanding the real challenges clients and brands face, from both a marketing and organizational perspective.

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Dallas, TX


JCPenney, Brinker International - On The Border, ATT, Alcon, AHA

She knows the challenges of driving a strategy and plan throughout an organization and franchise community, as well as the pressure points of managing an agency. Lisa’s agency experience allows her to deliver meaningful, impactful strategic leadership and drive great creative work. Her unique experience ensures that she delivers thinking, planning and work that drives results.​

Prior to joining 9thWonder, Lisa led marketing and advertising for over ten years on brands like JCPenney, Brinker International, and Blockbuster. Most recently for JCPenney, she led their first positive results in several years. In that role she and her team not only led the brand strategy and planning, but drove the integration across the company, driving the strategy across all marketing touch points, as well as store operations, merchandising and HR.

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