Lisa Hillmer-Poole

Lisa Hillmer-Poole

Director Of Brand Strategy - B2B

Lisa Hillmer-Poole leads strategy for B2B out of the 9thWonder Denver office. With nearly 20 years of combined agency and in-house marketing experience, Lisa brings clarity, confidence and consistency to clients of all sizes and a wide variety of industries.

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Denver, CO


Coleman, Cox, Dry Dock Brewing, Level 3, Time Warner, BAND-IT, Gates, Cherry Bomb

Lisa partners with clients and team members across the entire agency network to bring brands to life through websites, marketing automation, SEO, PPC and a host of other vehicles. She develops the next generation of talent and safeguards the work hard/play hard culture of the 9thWonder Denver Office.

Prior to 9thWonder, Lisa was an Account Executive for the Denver-based ad agency, The Envision Group, servicing dozens of B2B and B2C clients in the healthcare, construction, technology, energy, finance and hospitality industries. Her work has been recognized by the AMA and the BMA, and she regularly lends her time and resources to Downtown Aurora Visual Arts and The Parkinson Association of the Rockies.

In a former life, Lisa worked as a photographer, shooting international architecture projects, teaching classes at Colorado Free University and serving as the in-house photographer for Sports Authority.

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