Maria Twena

​Partner, Global Head of Consumer X

Maria Twena started her marketing career at a small agency in the Deep South, working in research and account management, after securing a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Mass Communications.

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Los Angeles, CA


Microsoft, Verizon Wireless, MasterCard, Subway, Avery Dennison

Maria moved to the Bay Area to work at various high-tech companies (both agency and brand), then spent years at MRM (McCann’s digital arm) servicing marquee clients, including Microsoft and Verizon. After two decades in the general market arena, she decided to turn her focus to the 1.52.0 generation Latinx consumer segment. As a bilingual/bicultural consumer she saw the enormous opportunity in targeting individuals that are hybrids by nature and nurture, and influencers as they act as Sherpas for their foreign-born relatives and friends. She founded an advertising practice at MRM exclusively focused on digital marketing to the bicultural Latinx and received an AdColor Innovator Award for her ground-breaking research on the native born. She has served as CMO of two organizations and as an Agency President and remains committed to assisting brands as they turn to novel markets that hide in plain sight yet drive exponential revenue.

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