Sara Hoerner

Sara Hoerner

Managing Director

Data enlightened, highly driven. Sara has 12+ years’ experience in the branding and marketing industry.

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Los Angeles, CA


Samsung, Valvoline Instant Oil Change, Public Storage

She has successfully led cross-functional marketing teams to solve business challenges through the creative use of strategy, research, insightful data and whip-smart storytelling. As Managing Director of 9thWonder Los Angeles, Sara oversees the achievements of our clients and the motivation of our talented teams.‚Äč

Sara brings energy and optimism to her work with experts at the top of their digital game. She brings disparate teams of specialists - including SEM, SEO, content strategists, e-commerce strategists, digital media specialists, PR, UX, creative and analytics specialists - into alignment and working toward a singular vision. Sara has driven creative and marketing ROI for startups and Fortune 500 companies alike.