Our Pledge to Be Transparent

Following an investigation conducted by K2 Intelligence on behalf of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), the ANA released a 58-page report that outlined issues surrounding media-related business practices within the U.S. advertising industry. Numerous instances of unethical behavior, often referred to as non-transparent business practices, were reported. The guilty went unmentioned and the innocent were unfairly judged for acts they didn’t commit.

This is not how many of our friends do business, and this is certainly not how we do business at 9thWonder. We believe that integrity and transparency go hand-in-hand and while money may talk, integrity speaks volumes. As a fully transparent agency, we want to demonstrate our commitment for our clients by offering this transparency pledge that we strictly adhere to.

In order to foster trust and ensure transparency between marketers, media companies, and our clients, we submit the following initiatives to be adhered to and committed to when acting as stewards of our clients’ budgets.

The client will be made fully aware of how budgets are allocated to working media, technology or processing fees and any other costs that are associated with disbursement of funds for media planning/buying, production, research or other activities.

Bottom-up audits will be allowed on an as-needed basis and facilitated in a timely manner.

Any discounts and/or other savings negotiated on the client’s behalf will be disclosed and passed along to the client.

Any and all added-value programs or elements negotiated on behalf of each specific client will be passed along to that client.

Any rebates, compensation or other forms of remuneration in the course of managing client funds outside of the agreed upon compensation structure or scope of work will NOT be accepted.

Media credits will NOT be kept or used without written disclosure and approval by the client.