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Situation Before 9thWonder

Tilson is a rapidly growing technology and telecommunications services company with offices around the US. As a result of this growth, they wanted their messaging and online presence to better reflect the level of innovation and expertise shown in their large-scale projects. The new website needed to appeal as much to prospective hires as to new clients, and have a back-end that was easy for their marketing department to frequently update.

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Hidden Opportunity

What We Did

Tilson takes on a wide variety of complicated telecommunications and technology projects for its customers, and we wanted to make sure their website supported their capabilities.

We organized Tilson’s product architecture by service and industry, enabling their audience to better understand their breadth of services and navigate quickly to relevant content. We created a platform for brand journalism to showcase the many innovations and successes of the company. Finally, we established a company-wide rallying cry of “On a Mission” to better communicate the unifying energy and ambition of the entire company.

Tilson image
Tilson image

Immediate Results - Metrics


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in referral traffic


Increase in website sessions

Long Lasting Value

We elevated the look and feel of the Tilson brand to appear more modern, youthful and technologically savvy. Their site also saw a major boost in not only traffic, but also the time spent by users visiting the site.

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