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01 Our Purpose

We built 9thWonder around what today’s CMOs told us they wanted. Needed.

A partner that brings more than microwaveable creative and a cool office with a ping pong table. An agency that knows how to see beyond the brief, dig into data to drive measurable results and create work that earns their brand a place in people’s hearts and newsfeeds. Today, tomorrow and years from now.

02 Our Point of View

Everyone needs results, now. We get that.

With the average CMO tenure waning, most marketers are focused on immediate results. But those just create a blip in the numbers and ultimately prove to be fleeting in the long-term. So we assembled a diverse group of thinkers, tinkerers and doers who start at the business, not just the brief, to challenge all assumptions and, ultimately, unearth hidden opportunities inside your brand.

  • The average tenure of a CMO is 3.5 years.
  • 88% of the Fortune 500 from the 1950's-1960's are gone.

03 Our Process

We have a lot of special sauces. What flavor do you want?

There’s a unique process for just about everything we do, whether it’s marketing, media, PR or any of the other things necessary for your brand’s communications. Creatively, we believe in co-creation and ‘sandboxing’ with our clients. Our media team practices a bottom up approach to targeting. And together our analysts, strategists, media and creative teams work together to provide airtight, data-informed thinking. So you’ll never have to hope and pray our thinking will deliver the eyeballs, the ROI and outcomes you deserve.

Point is, in our own special way, we’ll discover new opportunities that create ideas to produce real, measurable results.

04 Our People

Diverse in our diversity.

We believe one of the ways to find these hidden opportunities, quickly and efficiently, is to bring to the table a group of diverse minds. So we search for interesting people from the most unusual of backgrounds. Sure, we have traditional agency folk, but we also have ex-CMOs, record store owners, psychologists, engineers and even one ex-Vegas performer ready to bring unique perspectives to solve your business challenges.

Meet Our Leadership

05 Our Clients

From tech to automotive, CPG to service, B2B to B2C, big and small, and everything in between – our people have experience in a wide range of verticals.

Here are just some of our current 9thWonder clients:

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