Creative & Content

Everything we do is ultimately in service of the creative output. That's because all other disciplines either help to inform or amplify the idea. It's the product of many crafting a singular vision that builds a cohesive, compelling brand narrative. Driven by insights. Shaped by data. Built to last.

Creative & Content Creative & Content

We've got the rhythm

Creative is the mesmerizing lead singer with the rhythmic hips. The dreamy lifeguard. The firework display of your brand’s story.

Brand & Logo Identity

Your logo doesn’t have to tell your entire brand narrative, but it often starts it. We are all simple creatures and therefore have visceral emotional reactions to colors, shapes and fonts. There are visual cues in every brand that, whether inadvertent or purposeful, signal to your audience whether you are status quo or cutting edge, serious or playful, people-focused or technology-focused. We work with you to establish exactly what your brand identity should communicate and then create an entire visual system that tells your story and resonates with customers.

Content Strategy & Copywriting

We create content that goes from being an interruption to a hot, highly-shareable commodity. We believe that smart storytelling can drive a business. And that strong content has a unique power to connect with audiences on a deeper, human level. So we start with a clear understanding of your business goals and user needs in order to create a strategy for creating content. Our team of writers (along with art directors, designers and a host of others) then help bring those insights to life in ways that influence, engage and persuade relevant audiences to take action.

Video & Motion Graphics

When it comes to grabbing your audience’s attention, video content and motion graphics are perfectly suited for today’s busy, always on, mobile-first consumer. Whether it’s a pre-roll ad, viral video, radio or national TV spot, our in-house team of filmmakers, editors and motion graphic designers have the talent and tools to bring your brand to life.

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Campaign Creative

Your brand has a unique tale to tell. We help people hear it and engage with it. Bolstered by data and rooted with strategic insight, we build campaigns, small and large, that people can’t stop sharing and talking about.

Print Materials

Whether you’re starting from scratch, revamping an existing brand or kicking your marketing into a higher gear, our full-service print production team can move any need from ideation to mechanical to finish effectively and efficiently.


9thWonder has a dedicated in-house photography team and studio. Armed with the latest camera/lighting packages and photo-editing equipment, our nimble team can shoot everything from high-end, ready for print sessions to down-and-dirty run and guns. Our 800 square foot studio is equipped with a built-in cyc wall (28x20x16), green screen and backdrops allowing for a variety of stages to be created for our clients.

Relevant Work

Giving garbage a good name

Think Green®. Two little words helped transform a trusted trash hauler into North America's largest environmental services company with astounding results below.

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Creative Director


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Associate Creative Director


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Director of Content Strategy

Los Angeles

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