Public Relations

With strategy, execution and analysis capabilities, our PR experts curate your message to have the maximum impact by expanding on brand messaging and enhancing the media mix.

Public Relations Public Relations

Get Them Talking About You

We have the minds and the connections to get you that exposure in all of the right places.

9thWonder’s PR experts have a well-rounded experience: from working on large-scale national integrated campaigns to local and regional projects, we utilize your company story to achieve business goals.

PR Strategy

We work across all communication channels to develop integrated public relations strategies that elevate your brand while keeping your business need front and center.

Media Relations

Media never sleeps, so neither do we. Whether it's identifying potential opportunities or responding to media inquiries, our service-oriented approach helps establish strong media relationships and delivering quality placements with strong message pull-through.

Press Material Creation

Crafting compelling stories and informative press materials, is one of the most important ways for your organization to earn coverage - and one of the best ways to control your narrative.

Strategic Partnerships

Not all partnerships are created equal. Our team knows how to identify the partnership that will be the most authentic and beneficial for your brand, as well as manage those relationships from start to finish.

Crisis Communication

When your reputation is at stake, you need a team that has the experience and communication skills to navigate a PR crisis with the appropriate messaging to weather the storm and come out even stronger on the other end.

Events & Tradeshow Support

Experiential marketing that aligns with your brand is great opportunity to generate media interest and highlight your organization's core values and key messaging.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Public relations is the perfect vehicle to amplify the work your organization is doing to embrace corporate social responsibility. Our extensive experience and understanding of the CSR space means your work will not go unnoticed.

Internal Communication

External Communication is only half the story. Making sure you communicate effectively internally is the best way to create dedicated brand champions inside your organization.

Relevant Work

Making privacy the ultimate luxury for travelers

Travelers returned to the legendary islands of Tahiti by the plane full. All it took was uncovering what really mattered to Tahiti’s core audience.

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Meet the Experts

Marisa Zafran

Senior VP of Public Relations

New York

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Brand Partnership Queen

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Wannabe Travel Agent

Cynthia Murga

Associate PR Director


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Media Relations Maven

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Self-Proclaimed News Junkie

Jasmine Nelson

Public Relations Supervisor


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