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Why Your Hispanic Digital Marketing May be Missing the Mark

Why Your Hispanic Digital Marketing May be Missing the Mark

The Hispanic market employs a collective ethos. Where interdependence is valued over independence. Where helping your family comes before helping yourself. To reach these consumers effectively, brands need to start taking a “direct to collective” approach.

Uncover Hidden Opportunities to Drive Revenue and Build Loyalty

New research from 9thWonder and leading market research firm, ThinkNow, has uncovered surprising insights about the Hispanic consumers who become digital Sherpas for their families. They are the guides who help the collective navigate the Internet – from search to content consumption to purchase. And if you want to understand the Hispanic market, you must understand the role these influencers play.

In this webcast, you’ll learn that all those reliable assumptions you may make about the general market don’t always hold true when addressing the Hispanic market. And as brands pump more dollars into the digital marketing ecosystem, those assumptions matter. And stay tuned at the end of the webcast for an exclusive Q&A session.

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What’s in the Research

  • Digital media consumption behaviors in the Hispanic community
  • The unique ways Hispanics conduct online search
  • The “bidirectional toggle” between language and culture
  • How content is shared based on levels of acculturation
  • Digital “proxy” purchasing behaviors and how to leverage
  • 5 Key tips or “Guideposts” explaining how to apply these insights to your marketing
What’s in the Research

Why This Research has Never Been More Important

Hispanics are the second-fastest growing segment of the U.S. populatio

Hispanics are the second-fastest growing segment of the U.S. population

With a median age well below their non-Hispanic white counterparts, they provide a greater lifetime value to brands that earn their loyalty.

Hispanics are online

Hispanic households are larger

And larger households usually spend more. In fact, Hispanic households spend over $500,000 more than non-Hispanic white households over the course of their residents’ lifetimes.

Hispanics are interconnected

Hispanics are online

For years, marketers talked about a “digital divide” that made this group difficult to reach online. Today that gap has closed, with 80% of Hispanics now on the Internet. How brands go about reaching them digitally is critical.

Hispanic households are larger

Hispanics are interconnected

Nearly a third of Hispanic consumers live in multigenerational households, and many more stay intimately connected to their families long after they’ve left their childhood homes.

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Hispanic Digital Purchasing Behavior Guide | 9thWonder

Behind the Research


ThinkNow is a technology-driven cultural insights agency. ThinkNow enables companies and government agencies to discover the cultural drivers that influence consumer decisions. We provide insight solutions to help organizations thrive in a changing demographic environment. ThinkNow also owns and operates one of the largest and most representative Hispanic online panels in the industry, DigaYGane.com, used to service our research as well as provide samples to the leading market research companies in the world.

Learn more at  www.thinknow.com

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Hispanic Digital Purchasing Behavior Guide | 9thWonder

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